It is possible to have fun in swimming pools, get treatment and get well even with the use of health insurance

If you have health insurance, swim in the pools of the "Holiday Park", warm up in the saunas and get a set of treatment and wellness services provided here for FREE. 

The recreation and wellness complex located in Western Lithuania works with all major insurance companies, so you can pay for the services provided here using your existing health insurance. 

How to get services? 

Nerijus Kemeklis, the medical manager of "Holiday Park", says that any person insured by the company's health insurance or self-insured can receive the services provided here using insurance compensation. 

"Services can be billed immediately by debiting the accumulated amount from an electronic or regular insurance card. Otherwise, a bill may be issued, which the individual submits to their insurance. It's a pity, but often people don't know about this possibility, so they don't use these services," said N. Kemeklis. 

It is important to pay attention to which services the insured can use. This can be seen from the distributed services according to the contract concluded by each person with the insurance company. For example, it could be: 

  • prevention (prophylactic blood tests can be done, preventive procedures can be performed);
  • free billing line - a person can choose any treatment and wellness services, visit swimming pools and saunas, receive spa services, massages and other wellness procedures. 

Different companies use different billing line names and reimbursed services.

How to use? 

A person can find out what amounts and what balances can be used for services at his insurance company or by visiting us. 

"When the insured arrives, he should tell the administrators that he wants to use the services with insurance, name the insurance company, and then present the card. The administrator who is connected to the system can tell what services can be provided with the available insurance. A person may not have a card, but have a contract with the insurance, which contains the necessary information. Then we issue an invoice for the services provided, the person pays for them, and submits the invoice to his insurance company, which compensates the costs," explained N. Kemeklis. 

Geoterminis Mineralų jūra
Geothermal pool Sea of ​​Minerals