Outdoor sauna “Širšių lizdas” and cold outdoor pool for rent

The outdoor sauna “Širšių lizdas” with a cold outdoor pool is available for private family recreation.

This is a round bath with a round dressing room. The architecture and hustle and bustle of the sauna is reflected in its title – “Širšių lizdas” (Wasp’s nest).

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Palanga padel and tennis courts

Four open padel courts and two tennis courts are located next to "Atostogu parkas". The "Palanga Padelio" club conducts its activities here. These are the first padel cards in Palanga and Kretinga area. We are happy to become padel ambassadors - next to swimming pools, saunas, spas and therapeutic pleasures - we invite you to enjoy the fastest developing sport in the world - padel tennis.

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Thematic Evenings in the “Parkо ranca”

Every weekday, from Monday to Friday anyone arriving at the “Parko ranča” will be able not only to observe, but also to participate in vivacious thematic events.

Fridays and Saturdays –

Live music evenings from 10 PM

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E-scooter rent

It is a fantastic feeling to race with the wind through the forest to the Baltic Sea. You don’t even have to pedal.

Convenient, fast, eco-friendly electric scooters can be rented at “Atostogu parkas”:

  • 1 hour - 12 EUR
  • 2 hours - 24 EUR
  • 3 hours - 36 EUR
  • The whole day is 44 EUR

For e-scooter rent, please contact the Pools and Saunas area reception or call +370 698 37777.

Bike rent

From the “Atostogų parkas“ to the sea there is a wonderful bike path among pines, through which you can reach Šventoji, Palanga or Klaipėda districts by bike.

Rental price of the bike: 1 hour – 2 Eur, day – 12 Eur.

For bike rent, contact the hotel reception desk or phone +370 614 21888.

Hot tub rental

To all log villas guests we are offering fun of having a hot tub. It is a great opportunity to have fun and enjoy exceptional pleasures only with your family or friends. The hot tub is delivered next to your log villa.

Hot tub rent for 59 Eur.

The hot tub will be heated and you will have some firewood for further heating. You will be able to enjoy the hot tub all day and the next morning if the hot tub is not booked. Maximum number of people in the hot tub: people,

Pre-registration is required: +370 614 21888.

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Branded “Meguva” shashlik

Exceptional taste – for real shashlik gourmets.

We will take care of everything, leaving you only with the pleasure of grilling in nature, next to your log villa.

Guests of the hotel are invited to cook barbecue in the gazebos near the "Atostogų parkas" pond.

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