Lunch of the day su Kliento kortele „Parko virtuvėlėje“ – tik 7,50 Eur! Pasiūlymu galite pasinaudoti kiekvieną darbo dieną nuo 12:00val. iki 17:00val.

Buffet dinner with the "Park kitchen" customer card - only 19 euros! You can use the offer every working day from 18:00. until 7:00 p.m.

On workdays upon presentation at the reception Customer card the following discounts apply:

- 50% discount when purchasing 2 val., 3 val. arba neribotą visiting the Water and sauna area on weekdays;

- 50% discount In the center of "Natura Termo Spa". for halotherapy (salt room, 30 min.)

- 50% discount sporto klubo abonementams iki 16 val.

The Customer‘s Card can be purchased at the reception of the Water and Sauna Area. The price of a new card is 25 Eur, vaikams kortelės kaina – 15 Eur, turimos kortelės pratęsimo kaina – 15 Eur, vaikams kortelės pratęsimo kaina – 5 Eur

The Customer‘s Card is valid for 1 year.

Discounts are not cumulative and are not valid for visit tickets: 2+1 ir VIP.

The discount will be available upon purchase or renewal of the card on the same day. Customer card is not valid on weekends and holidays.

When purchasing a customer card, please read the rules for issuance and use here.

You can find the prices of Water and Sauna Area by clicking here.



With a VIP card - golden 50% discount ALWAYS! 

Only the owner of this name card can enjoy the pleasures of the water and sauna area ALL DAYS for half price

The VIP Client card can be purchased at the reception of the Water and sauna space. The price of a new card - 125 Eur, extension – 100 EUR
The VIP Customer card is valid for 6 months (from the day of activation, but no earlier than the day after the day of purchase). You can buy it as a GIFT.

VIP Customer card valid and on weekends and holidays. Enjoy when it's convenient for you.

The number of cards is limited! Hurry up to buy.

When purchasing a customer card, please read issuance and usage rules here. You can find the prices of water and sauna space by clicking here.


įsigyti vip kortelę

Family card

Enjoy a FAMILY holiday at ALL TIMES OF THE YEAR.

  • 2 val., 3 val. arba visos dienos apsilankymui baseinuose ir pirtyse – net 50 % visą dieną
  • 50% discount on halotherapy and sports club subscriptions until 4 p.m.
  • Dienos pietūs su Šeimos kortele „Parko virtuvėlėje” – tik 7,50 Eur/asm.!
  • Buffet dinner with a family card in "Park kitchen" - only 19 EUR/person!
  • Birthday discounts!

Discounts are valid for the following tickets: adult, child, senior. The discount is not valid for VIP and 2+1 tickets.

It is worth buying, because the price of a family card is only 30 EUR, and discounts are given to your whole family, all year round!