Conference halls

We offer different halls and spaces for your conferences, seminars, presentations, artists’s activities and business meetings or events.

If you are organizing company celebrations, conferences or other events, we suggest choosing not an ordinary hotel, but an entire recreation and wellness complex. In the "Holiday Park", we invite you to organize events in halls that can accommodate up to 180 people. After the event, you will have the opportunity to relax in a complex of 16 swimming pools and 7 saunas.

We will also arrange catering for conference or business meetings - we organize coffee breaks, business lunches and festive dinners at our restaurants “Salt“ or “Old Fox Grill“.

Conference hall “Palanga“

The hall is located on the 2nd floor. It is best suited for organizing conferences.

Up to 140-180 people are recommended.

Equipped with: 1 rostrum, 2 microphones, projector, demonstration display, sound system, air conditioning.

More information: [email protected] or +370 614 26988.


"Padel's Cafe"

"Atostogu parkas" can already offer a new, completely bright and cozy space for small celebrations, trainings or seminars, located near the padel and tennis courts. In this lounge-type space, you can socialize comfortably on beanbags, cook pizza, steaks or other food in the oven located in the bar. From this space you can comfortably access the upper terrace and admire the wonderful scenery. It's the perfect private space for casual gatherings with stunning views of the adjacent pond, both through the floor-to-ceiling windows and out onto the outdoor terrace.

Recommended for up to 50 people. More information: [email protected] or +370 614 26988.

MINI conference hall

Work where your heart desires. Bring your work and team or business partners to "Holiday Park", because we can already offer you a mini-conference room. And after work, relax and socialize in our pools and saunas.

Private space - a mini-conference room is rented for working groups of up to 10 people. In the hall you will find a TV that can be used as a projector for presenting presentation material, air conditioner, free internet, table water, notepads and pens for general and comfortable work.

The price of renting the whole hall is 5 EUR/hour, the price of renting it for the whole day is 30 EUR.
After work, relax coolly in the pools and saunas of the "Holiday Park", go to the nearby sea.

More information: [email protected] or +370 614 26988.

Banquet halls

Parko virtuvėlė

You will not only enjoy delicious food at "Parko virtuvėlė", but also immerse yourself in an authentic Provencal style. This is the perfect place for your magical celebration.

More information:

[email protected] or +370 614 26988

Banquet hall

It is a bright and cozy hall with panoramic windows with superb scenery. It accommodates up to 120 guests.

More information:

[email protected] or +370 614 26988


A spacious hall of more than 206 square meters can be customized and prepared according to your needs. It accommodates up to 120 guests.

More information:

[email protected] or +370 614 26988

Accommodation for groups of people (pirkia / gryčia / kluonas)

If you like ethnic motives and cherished nationality, we suggest choosing halls in the Ethnocultural village. They are designed for a small gathering of a family or work group.

More information:

[email protected] or +370 614 26988

A place for mass events

Near the “Atostogu parkas” complex – almost 2 hectares of land, where we invite you to organize mass events: organization meetings, corporate summer holidays, festivals.

It is just a few kilometres from Palanga, but at the same remote place. Close by – whole complex with accommodation, restaurants, health services and water and sauna area.

More information:

[email protected] arba tel. +370 614 26988