Amber sauna "Saule"

In Lithuania – the first in the world natural amber sauna

Three tons of natural Baltic amber was used to install the first and the biggest in the world natural amber sauna located in Lithuania. Resembling a cosy and luxurious amber room, this sauna is the first in the world amber sauna open to the public. Ceilings, walls and even sauna beds are covered with natural amber.

Infra-red rays release the beneficial properties of amber

Around 35-140 mln. years ago formed amber (fossilized tree resin) has properties and one of the most important is – amber acid (Succinic acid). Human’s body produces a small amount of amber acid (Succinic acid), but with increased physical and physiological activities, the recourses of Succinic acid is rapidly reduced, therefore the immune system is weekend, also feeling tiredness and apathy.

Amber acid (succinic acid) passes into the human’s body through a diffusion method, in contact with amber, being massaged with amber or very small parts of it can be inhaled.

University of Hamburg, Germany, has confirmed the traditional positive and safe effects of amber and fumaric acid on human metabolism.

With the help of infrared rays in a natural amber sauna, along with amber, the human body is also warmed up. The body relaxes and heats up in a deeper layer while amber releases volatile substances. The sauna pleasant smells of resin, the human body through the skin and by inhalation more easily absorb the useful properties of amber: stimulates metabolic processes, suppresses various inflammation, improves blood circulation.

One-time visit to the amber sauna „Saules“with ticket to the swimming pools and sauna area – 5 EUR.

The recommended number of visitors in the sauna at the same time is 15 people. Recommended duration up to 30 min.

More information: tel. +370 698 37777  or
email [email protected]

The first sauna in Lithuania "Nefritas"

This is the first commercial sauna in Lithuania, for the installation of which natural jade stones formed in the Ural Mountains were used. In this sauna, the extremely gentle sauna steam pampering the visitors is formed when the water gets on the hot real jade stones, and the useful properties of the jade are released into the air with the steam.

Jade is considered in Eastern medicine as a stone of youth and health, used to cleanse the body of many diseases such as kidney, stomach, urinary tract, etc. In addition, jade stones have specific physical properties: they heat up to extremely high temperatures for a very long time, but retain heat very long, giving the visitors of such a sauna a special feeling.

Benefits of jade stone:

  • cleanses the body of slag and toxins;
  • helps prevent kidney stone disease and promotes the removal of kidney stones from the body;
  • regulates the amount of adrenaline in the blood;
  • helps maintain a proper balance of water, salts and acids in the body;
  • has a healing effect on cells and the bone system.

The sauna walls and sunbeds are made of red Canadian cedar growing in the Canadian taiga forests. The homogeneous, fine-grained Canadian cedar wood texture of the satin’s softness is pleasant to the touch, and the rich shades of amber, red cinnamon and ochre brown create a cosy, soothing atmosphere. In addition, this wood has properties that are beneficial to human health: the expressive natural scents of cedar essential oils are released into the air in a heated sauna.

Benefits of Canadian cedar essential oils:

  • have disinfectant and antimicrobial properties;

  • soothe the body, helps to relax from tension.

The new sauna "Nefritas" has a high humidity of 60 - 70% and a temperature of 50 °C - 60 °C, which is optimal for those who want to use effectively all the health-promoting properties of this sauna.

Traditional Lithuanian sauna “Perenė“

Temperature – 50–60 °C Humidity – 60–70 %

Sauna is equipped with a unique Lithuanian sauna furnace. There is no metal in this massive furnace: 2 tons of stones are flooded directly over the clay walls on ceramic arches. Although the temperature in “Perenė“ reaches 50-60 degrees, no sauna gurman really does not freeze – the heat sensation is caused not only by temperature, but also by moisture, which is regulated by the extraction of a gentle and especially pleasant steam.

Every hour (from 12:00 to 21:00), professional sauna masters of the “Holiday Park” lead 6 different sauna programs with a duration of up to 12 minutes.

Visitors are allowed inside just before the program. It is prohibited to enter the sauna without the sauna masters – it is locked up, it is being prepared for another program.

This sauna is free for all visitors to the water and sauna area.

Steam “Salt sauna”

Temperature – 50–55 °C Humidity – 80–90 %

Steam “Salt sauna” is for:

  • Cleaning the body from slag.
  • Provide skin with trace elements.

Especially recommended for:

  • People with respiratory problems.
  • People who sleep unwell.
  • People wit h slow metabolism.

Using the sauna:

  • When the body gets warm and starts to sweat, it is necessary (except for the face) to gently scrape with salt which settles together with steam.
  • It is recommended to stay for 5-15 minutes until the salt dissolves on the skin.

In this exceptionally humid sauna you will enjoy the benefits of salt. In the presence of high salt concentrations, osmotic effect occurs - metabolic fluids penetrate the skin to a more salt-saturated area, and thus the body clears away from slags, while the skin is also supplied with trace elements. 
This sauna is free for all visitors to the water and sauna area.

Aromatic sauna “Riauška“

Temperature – 60–70 °C Humidity – 30–40 %

The sauna is named after the lake in Žemaitija. Medicinal mud - sapropel, the masks of which are used in health promotion programs, is extracted from Lake Rauskis.

The fragrant sauna “Riauška“ is perfectly suited for easy warming, to make the body warm. As soon as the heart starts to whistle more often and there is a desire to cool, it is necessary to immediately take a shower, swim in the pool. After the first visit to the sauna, you have to take a break for 15-20 minutes, then you can go to a very humid steam “Salt sauna”.

This sauna is free for all visitors to the water and sauna area.

In the “Atostogų parkas” you can pamper yourself with the treatments of sapropel from Lake Rauskis.

Outdoor sauna “Wasps‘ nest“

Temperature – 60–70 °C Humidity – 60–70 %

  • Rekomenduojama 10–15 žmonių
  • Skirta pasišildyti prieš naudojantis lauko baseinais
  • Pirtis išnuomojama atskirai privačioms šventėms: pirtis, šaltas baseinas.

Pirties nuomos kaina (be pirtininko) 3 val. – 220 Eur.

Papildoma valanda – 50 Eur.

4 dalių pirtininko programa iki 2 val. – 220 Eur

It is a round-shaped sauna with a round dressing room. The architecture as well as the hustle and bustle of the sauna are reflected in its name “Širšių lizdas” (Engl. Hornet nest). The sauna is perfect for a group of 10-15 people. It is a chance to enjoy pleasures of the sauna in a circle of friends only.

Pre-registration is required by phone: 8 698 37777

Outdoor sauna “Gentlemen and Ladies sauna“

Temperature – 50–60 °C Humidity – 60–70 %

  • Recommended for 10-15 people;

  • This sauna is not included in the price of the visit to the water and sauna space.

  • The sauna can be rented by separate companies. More information and sauna reservation by phone: 8 698 37777.

  • This is a reduced version of “Perene“. It also has a unique stone furnace based on ancient Lithuanian traditions.

Sauna rental (only with a sauna attendant) 3 hours. – 250 EUR; Additional hour - 60 EUR.

More information and sauna reservation:

Phone + 370 698 37777 or email [email protected]