A virtual reality room is more than a playground. This is a new play space focused on the comprehensive education of the child in an entertainment format.

In this new play space, events unfold according to the rules of each visitor’s imagination, and children develop their motor skills, logic, reflexes, communication skills, memory, concentration, and more. Virtual reality activities are based on advanced technologies and are therefore adapted to a modern child.

Virtual reality activities are based on advanced technologies, so they are adapted to the modern child.

In the new space, it will be possible to experience indelible impressions while skiing in the mountains, diving in the oceans, piloting an airplane, dancing, playing golf, driving a racing car or trying other activities.

In addition to virtual reality games, there will also be other interactive attractions waiting to capture everyone's attention - Nintendo, PlayStation, cinema.

There are no age restrictions for interactive games - parents can try virtual reality entertainment together with their children.

Price – 10 Eur/h.

We recommend VR entertainment for children from 5 years old. We accept up to 10 persons.

More info: [email protected] or phone +370 607 85888