"Parko ranča" is a private space for your celebration!

Birthday, anniversary, wedding, company party - celebrate the holiday with us and share impressions for a long time!

"Parko ranča" More than 206 sq. m. the space of the area can be adapted and prepared according to your needs. It accommodates up to 120 guests. Space rental price (private event) - from 800 EUR. (for an additional fee, we offer the possibility to book the space with meals, accommodation, spa and other services).

More information: [email protected] Tel nr:+371 2727 2888


"Parko ranča"

Delicious food, special cocktails and live music at "Parko ranča"! Ranches are famous for their size, style, and of course, fun. The owners of the ranches organized large, typical American culture celebrations lasting several days, which were remembered for a long time, and the stories about the events during such gatherings spread from mouth to mouth.

"Parko ranča" opened the doors of "Atostogų parkas". It is a private place where you can have a good meal and have a great time. "Parko ranča" is next to the log cabins. Here there will be enough entertainment for everyone, because "Parko ranča" is equipped with wide-screen TVs, and most importantly - a spacious floor for dancing until the morning!


More information: [email protected] Tel nr:+371 2727 2888