Services for Children

    You can find you can find a range of services and spaces to suit our little ones in the wellness and treatment complex "Atostogų parkas". You will even find 2 spaces specifically for the little ones with a playful fountain "Musmirė" and a Children's space with a slide for older children, playful fountains of changing colours and a ball pool in the water and sauna area.

    You can comfortably change your little ones in the specially equipped childcare rooms, which are conveniently located at the Water and Baths reception, in the dressing area and just behind the shower room. If you sometimes do not find a room, please feel free to contact any of our staff.

    At the request of the hotel guests, we can place beds specially for the little ones in the hotel rooms, so that your rest would be great and safe. Please contact the hotel reception for extra beds.

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    Vaikų plaukimo mokykla

    Plaukimas – tai ne tik sporto šaka, bet ir gyvybiškai svarbus įgūdis. Mokantis plaukti vaikas labiau savimi pasitiki, gali ir geba padėti kitiems. Užsiėmimų metu vaikai išmoksta taisyklingo kvėpavimo, plaukimo technikos. Su vaikais dirba profesionalūs plaukimo treneriai.

    Dėmesio! Priimami vaikai nuo 7 metų.
    Vaikų plaukimo mokyklos treniruotės prasideda RUGSĖJO 19 d.

    Laukiami visi norintys išmokti plaukti ir siekiantys pagerinti plaukimo įgūdžius. Kviečiame registruotis į pradedančiųjų ir pažengusiųjų grupes.

    Vaiką lydinčiam asmeniui įėjimas į baseinų zoną – 15 Eur.
    Kol Jūsų vaikas tobulės plaukimo mokykloje, Jūs galėsite mėgautis vandens ir pirčių erdve.

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    Atostogų Parkas Palanga

    Vaikų teminiai gimtadieniai

    All the parents aspire that their children’s birthdays would be memorable and their impressions would stay long lasting. We invite children to celebrate their birthday at the “Atostogų parkas”!

    VAIKAMS patiks GIMTADIENIS su vandens pramogomis ir pasirinkta tema!

    Vaikų teminiai gimtadieniai

    Atostogų Parkas Palanga


    You can find meals for older children in all catering establishments of "Atostogų parkas", as babies are always welcome. If you wish, children can be provided with child-friendly seats to make eating more comfortable.

    You can buy healthy food for the little ones, porridge for children of all ages, purees or healthy snacks at the Bar of healthy products on the second floor. In the adjacent "Relax" area, after a fun in the pools, tired little ones will be able to relax and eat quietly in a beautiful environment. From the Water and Sauna area, you can easily reach the second floor by stairs.

      Atostogų Parkas Palanga

      Medical and Health Services

      It is easier to enjoy childhood when it is accompanied by strong health. A number of excellent specialists of the Natura Termo SPA medical center and the services provided by them can help to recover faster after the illness, strengthen the body, resistance to diseases, and help to grow more

      Immunity is greatly enhanced, and survival skills are acquired at the Children’s Swimming School.

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      Virtual Reality Room

      A virtual reality room is more than a playground. This is a new play space focused on the comprehensive education of the child in an entertainment format. In this new play space, events unfold according to the rules of each visitor’s imagination, and children develop their motor skills, logic, reflexes, communication skills, memory, concentration, and more.
      Virtual reality activities are based on advanced technologies and are therefore adapted to a modern child.