„Atostogų parko“ sveikatinimo programos

Health Promotion


In Lithuania – the first in the world natural amber sauna

The sauna pleasant smells of resin, the human body through the skin and by inhalation more easily absorb the useful properties of amber: stimulates metabolic processes, suppresses various inflammation, improves blood circulation.

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Health promotion programs

The health promotion programs of “Atostogu parkas” are unique, as natural resources are used for them: mineral geothermal water and sludge with healing properties – sapropel. We offer 3-12 day health promotion programs for your health. Based on the research, it has been determined that the cycle of 12 procedures is recommended for achieving the best result: 5 days of procedures, 2 days for rest and 5 days of procedures again.

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„Atostogų parko“ sveikatinimo vonios

Health promotion baths

For recreation and health promotion we can offer a wide range of baths: Pearl, Rose Petal, Lavender, Mineral geothermal salt, Iodine-bromine, Jacuzzi for two, Milk bath “Kleopatra”, baths for men and women and other health promotion baths. These bath procedures help to relax body muscles and nervous system, activate blood supply to the skin, and stimulate skin regeneration.

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Atostogų Parkas Palanga

Sports club

In the forest surrounding, in the cozy gym there is a large selection of fitness equipment: running tracks, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, a wide selection of weights and other sports training equipment.

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