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Sports club

Complement your lifestyle with a healthy habit! Discover the pleasure of sport right now and meet spring strong and full of energy.

When purchasing an annual unlimited subscription, the monthly price – only 18,3 Eur!

The price of an annual limited subscription for a month is 15 Eur!

Working hours:
I       12 PM – 10 PM
II-VII 10 AM – 10 PM

In the forest surrounding, in the cozy gym there is a large selection of fitness equipment: running tracks, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, a wide selection of weights and other sports training equipment.
The price includes: 6 indoor and 5 outdoor* swimming pools, Kneipp track, 3 indoor and 1 outdoor* saunas, programs of the unique sauna “Perenė“ and sports club.
1 month, Eur
3 months, Eur
6 months, Eur
12 months, Eur
Unlimited membership
119 295 535 809
On weekdays and weekends until 16:00 109 245 435 695
* Memberships are valid from the day of purchase.
** Veikia vasaros sezono metu.

Sports club membership
1 month, Eur
2 months, Eur
3 months, Eur
6 months, Eur
12 months, Eur
One time visit
Unlimited for the whole day
Limited membership
Visits till 16 h.
30 50 60 100 180
Unlimited membership
Unlimited for the whole day
35 60 80 150 220

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  • Mothers while visiting sport club may leave the child free of charge at the Children’s Educational Studio. 

  • Visiting the sports club for guests from Sunday to Thursday is free.

  • The sports club is open for people over 16 years of age.

  • Subscriptions are valid for 1 month from the date of purchase.

  • Subscriptions are available at the reception of Swimming pools and Saunas area and in E-shop.

More information:

Tel. + 370 600 85222 or info@atostoguparkas.lt

The offer is valid upon purchase this service in "Atostogu parkas".

      Entrance to the sports club is via the Water and Sauna area Reception.

      We are pleased to welcome you!