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SPA Center

„Atostogų parko“ SPA ritualai dviems

SPA rituals

During SPA rituals, you will feel calm and experience unforgettable moments in which beauty and harmony prevail. Experienced specialists will advise you on choosing the most appropriate SPA ritual, during which you will relax, regain strength, forget stress and fatigue, and have the opportunity to give yourself beauty and exceptional health promotion procedures. The subtle luxury and attention to you alone will make you feel like the only person on earth. Open the door and take a step into a different world of pleasure!

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„Atostogų parko“ masažai - išskirtiniam atsipalaidavimui


For exceptional relaxation and health enhancement, the “Holiday Park” offers you a wide range of massage options: express, facial, head, neck, shoulder, foot and leg massages, massage for pregnant women and children. There is also an exclusive opportunity to try unique holistic massages of the face and body, aromatherapy massages, hot Baltic stones and amber or Baltic sand wax massages. all massages are performed by professional, long-time experienced, highly qualified specialists..

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„Atostogų parko“ SPA centro kūno procedūros

Body procedures

For body strengthening and skin care, at the SPA center you will have plenty of procedures to choose from: slimming electrostimulation procedure, body scrubs with mineral geothermal salt, Baltic amber, cinnamon, various body wraps using plant flowers, chocolate, Baltic amber, detoxifying wrap with seaweed, pace and other procedures for the body.

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Veido procedūros „Atostogų parke“

Facial procedures

The highest quality “SALIN DE BIOSEL“ products, which are fully environmentally friendly, are used in the facial procedures. The product contains plant extracts derived from cereals, fruits and rings, vitamins, Dead Sea salts, oligoelements, seaweed and plant collagen. Also during facial procedures, qualified SPA center specialists can produce skin care products for you personally.

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Ilgalaikis (gelinis) nagų lakavimas

Beauty services

In the SPA center, qualified professionals perform the following beauty procedures: eyebrow correction and dyeing, eyelash extensions, hygienic manicure, long-lasting nail polish, manicure for men, children, classical pedicure, pedicure for men.

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„Atostogų parko“ soliarumų studija

Solarium studio

Knowing our country’s climate, tanning in the natural sun is a real challenge. In the SPA centre of the “Holiday Park”, in the safe solarium of the latest generation, you will get a smooth bronze tan that you can enjoy all year round.

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Turkiška hamamo procedūra

Turkish hammam

During the hammam‘s procedure, the pores open, the body is ready to take a soap massage, which will immerse yourself in a real soap foam cloud. On the heated marble beds, the most pleasant body treatments are performed – skin peeling and washing. After the procedures of hammam, there is a positive effect on the body - blood circulation, lymphatic system, respiratory and nervous systems.

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