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Atostogų Parkas Palanga

Lauko pirties „Širšių lizdas“ ir šaltojo lauko baseino nuoma

Privačiam Jūsų šeimos poilsiui duris atveria lauko pirtis „Širšių lizdas“ su šaltuoju lauko baseinu.

Tai apvalios formos pirtelė su tokiu pat apvaliu priepirčiu. Pirties architektūrą ir šurmulį atspindi jos pavadinimas – „Širšių lizdas“.

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Atostogų Parkas Palanga

Palangos padelio ir teniso aikštynai

Šalia Atostogų parko įsikūrę du atviri padelio kortai ir du teniso kortai. Čia savo veiklą vykdo Palangos Padelio klubas. Tai pirmieji padelio kortai Palangos ir Kretingos rajone. Džiaugiamės tapdami padelio ambasadoriais iš šalia baseinų, pirčių, SPA ir gydymo malonumų – kviečiame mėgautis sparčiausiai pasaulyje besivystančiu sportu – padelio tenisu.

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„Parko ranča“

Thematic Evenings in the “Parkо ranča”

Every weekday, from Monday to Friday anyone arriving at the “Parko ranča” will be able not only to observe, but also to participate in vivacious thematic events.

Fridays and Saturdays – Live music evenings from 11 PM

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Atostogų Parkas Palanga

Prussian wine tastings

Discover the playful summer-like flavours of the Prussian wines during an exclusive tasting!
You can buy the wine you like at a special price during the tasting.

MINI tasting: minimum 1 person.

MAXI tasting with winemakers: for groups from 15 persons.

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Atostogų Parkas Palanga

E-scooter rent

It is a fantastic feeling to race with the wind through the forest to the Baltic Sea. You don’t even have to pedal.

Convenient, fast, eco-friendly electric scooters can be rented at “Atostogu parkas”:

  • 1 hour - 12 EUR

  • 2 hours - 24 EUR

  • 3 hours - 36 EUR

  • The whole day is 44 EUR

For e-scooter rent, please contact the Pools and Saunas area reception or call +370 698 37777.


For children

Dear parents, while you relax in the pool or sauna space or enjoy SPA procedures, your children will be welcome at the Children’s Educational Studio. A nanny takes care of children every day, she plays, reads, cuts, flies and sticks with them. We also organize children’s birthday educational programs, in which children have active and fun time in nature, in the swimming pool and the games room.

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Privati sūkurine vonia ir infraraudonųjų spindulių pirtis

Private Red Sauna

For a private cosy relaxation or holiday, we invite you to try out a new space at “Atostogų parkas” SPA Center with a large Jacuzzi and infra-red sauna. For your convenience, there are also soft pillows and benches, separate changing rooms for men and women.

Private relaxation area for up to ten 10 persons at a time.

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Branded “Meguva” shashlik

Branded “Meguva” shashlik

Exceptional taste – for real shashlik gourmets.

We will take care of everything, leaving you the pleasure of grilling in nature.

Hotel guests are invited to a barbecue in the gazebo by the pond of the „Atostogu parkas”, and guests log villas can barbeque next to their villas.

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SPA vakarėliai gimtadieniui, mergvakariui

SPA Parties

Birthday, hen party is coming, or maybe you just want to relax with your friends? SPA parties are all that you need for a cozy, special feminine celebration.

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Bike rent

From the “Atostogų parkas“ to the sea there is a wonderful bike path among pines, through which you can reach Šventoji, Palanga or Klaipėda districts by bike.

Rental price of the bike:

1 hour – 2 Eur, day – 12 Eur

For bike rent, contact the hotel reception desk or tel. +370 614 21888.

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Atostogų Parkas Palanga

Tub rental

When staying in log villas, we offer you a hot tub fun. It is a great opportunity to have fun and enjoy exceptional pleasures only with your family or friends. The tub is delivered next to your log villa.

Kubilo nuomos kaina 59 Eur.

The tub will be heated and you will have some firewood for further heating. You will be able to have tub the whole day of the order and the next morning if the tub is not booked the next day.

Maximum number of people in the tub: 6 people

Būtina išankstinė registracija tel. +370 614 21888.

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