Recreational fishing


Just a fishing rod, fresh air and a pond full of fish ... You can fish calmly and pleasantly in the pond next to "Atostogų parkas". Here you can catch carps, breams, tenches, sturgeons, crucian carps and rudds.

The price of fishing with one own fishing rod - 5 EUR / hour. (The price for one own additional fishing rod is 5 EUR / hour). In this case, it is mandatory to have a net for keeping fish in water.

The Price of fishing with one fishing rod of "Atostogų parkas" - 10 EUR/hour (price of one additional fishing rod of "Atostogų parkas" is 10 EUR / hour).

Inventory given to a fisherman:

  • 1 fishing rod; 

  • 1 fishing net. 

At the “Atostogu parkas“ shop a fisherman can purchase bait, lure and even fishing permit to the nearby Tūbausiu and Lazdininkai ponds.

You can take away the fish you cought for the price of 10 EUR/Kg.

Book by phone: +370 614 21888 or at the hotel reception.