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In Lithuania – the first in the world natural amber sauna


Three tons of natural Baltic amber was used to install the first and the biggest in the world natural amber sauna located in Lithuania. Resembling a cosy and luxurious amber room, this sauna is the first in the world amber sauna open to the public. Ceilings, walls and even sauna beds are covered with natural amber.

Infra-red rays release the beneficial properties of amber

Around 35-140 mln. years ago formed amber (fossilized tree resin) has properties and one of the most important is – amber acid (Succinic acid). Human’s body produces a small amount of amber acid (Succinic acid), but with increased physical and physiological activities, the recourses of Succinic acid is rapidly reduced, therefore the immune system is weekend, also feeling tiredness and apathy.

Amber acid (succinic acid) passes into the human’s body through a diffusion method, in contact with amber, being massaged with amber or very small parts of it can be inhaled.

Atostogų Parkas Palanga

University of Hamburg, Germany, has confirmed the traditional positive and safe effects of amber and fumaric acid on human metabolism.

With the help of infrared rays in a natural amber sauna, along with amber, the human body is also warmed up. The body relaxes and heats up in a deeper layer while amber releases volatile substances.

The sauna pleasant smells of resin, the human body through the skin and by inhalation more easily absorb the useful properties of amber: stimulates metabolic processes, suppresses various inflammation, improves blood circulation.

One-time visit to the amber sauna „Saules“with ticket to the swimming pools and sauna area – 5 EUR.

The recommended number of visitors in the sauna at the same time is 15 people.

Recommended duration up to 30 min.

More information: tel.  +370 698 37777  or
[email protected]

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More information and sauna reservation:

By phone + 370 698 37777 or e-mail [email protected]