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Parko virtuvele


Food served in our „Parko virtuvele“ is made with love and exceptional care. The taste of dishes will take you to childhood and will remind you homemade food, and the taste will create indelible memories.

The recipes of the dishes are transmitted from generation to generation, with particular attention being paid to products freshness and flavor. Every dish is made by our hands; therefore even usual lunch becomes an incredible journey through the world of flavors.

In „Parko virtuvele“ you will be able to enjoy not only delicious food, but also fell an authentic approach to food. We seek to turn the food into a ritual – let communication and warm conversations reign over the table.

You can book a table or ask for a menu assortment by phone +370 611 56510.

Veikla vykdoma pagal Valstybinės maisto ir veterinarijos tarnybos Klaipėdos departamento įsakymą dėl maisto tvarkymo subjekto registracijos Nr. 37MTSPĮ-63. 2020 m. vasario 5d.

Working hours:

I-VII from 8 AM till 11 PM

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