Use #myliuataveluparka and win especially valuable PRIZES!

Atostogų Parkas Palanga

Enjoy so that all envy!

  • Share the most beautiful, best and funniest pictures from "Atostogu parkas" on your Facebook and/or Instagram pages

  • mark them with the hashtag #myliuatostoguparka

  • and you are participating in an "Atostogu parkas" competition!

The Commission of "Atostogu parkas" each month will select 10 most beautiful, funniest and best-looking photos, and then the winner of the month will be chosen in a live broadcast on Facebook.

At the competition can participate photos taken at the “Atostogu parkas” and marked with the hashtag #myliuatostoguparka. Photos participating in the contest must be public and visible to others, profiles of the participant on Facebook and Instagram cannot be private – otherwise, we will not see your wonderful profile.

It is assumed that when tagging photos in the hashtag #myliuataveluparka person agree that his photo, name and surname may be published publicly and used for direct marketing purposes. For more information, please read our  Privacy Policy.