Use #myliuataveluparka and win especially valuable PRIZES!

Atostogų Parkas Palanga

Enjoy so that all envy!

  • Share the most beautiful, best and funniest pictures from "Atostogu parkas" on your Facebook and/or Instagram pages

  • mark them with the hashtag #myliuatostoguparka

  • and you are participating in an "Atostogu parkas" competition!

„Atostogų parko“ komisija kas mėnesį išrenka 10 gražiausių, linksmiausių ir geriausių nuotraukų, iš jų burtų keliu išrenkamas mėnesio nugalėtojas.

At the competition can participate photos taken at the “Atostogu parkas” and marked with the hashtag #myliuatostoguparka. Photos participating in the contest must be public and visible to others, profiles of the participant on Facebook and Instagram cannot be private – otherwise, we will not see your wonderful profile.

It is assumed that when tagging photos in the hashtag #myliuataveluparka person agree that his photo, name and surname may be published publicly and used for direct marketing purposes. For more information, please read our  Privacy Policy.