Konferencijų salės nuoma Palangoje

Conferences, festivals and entertainment

Atostogų Parkas Palanga

Parko virtuvele

In „Parko virtuvėlė“ you will be able to enjoy not only delicious food, but also fell an authentic approach to food. We seek to turn the food into a ritual – let communication and warm conversations reign over the table.

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Atostogų Parkas Palanga

Parko ranca

“Parko ranča” – dances, music and games! Ranches are famous for their size, style and, of course, great fun. The ranch hosts used to arrange large feasts typical for the American culture that lasted for several days and were quite memorable, and the talks about experiences during such gatherings travelled mouth to mouth.

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Konferencijų salė „Palanga“

Conference and party halls and place for mass events

We offer different halls and spaces for your conferences, seminars, presentations, artists’s activities and business meetings or events. The conference hall “Palanga“ is located on the 2nd floor. It is best suited for organizing conferences. Up to 140-180 people are recommended. The banquet hall is a bright and cozy hall with panoramic windows with superb scenery. It accommodates up to 120 guests.

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Restoranas „Parko virtuvėlė“

Maitinimo ir renginių organizavimo paslaugos

Gardžiu, su meile ir atidumu detalėms pagamintu maistu mėgaukitės savo įmonės vakarėlio, konferencijos, banketo ar asmeninės šventės metu „Atostogų parke“ arba bet kurioje kitoje Jūsų pasirinktoje Lietuvos vietoje.

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Atostogų Parkas Palanga

Bar “At the Sauna”

Bar “At the Sauna” is located in the Water and sauna space. In this bar you can order a variety of snacks, refreshments, herbal teas, freshly squeezed juices or various cocktails.

To pay for food and drinks at the bar, you will have to use a special timepiece and pay the bill at the reception.

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