„Atostogų parko“ sveikatinimo programos

Health improvement / medical care

„Atostogų parko“ unikalios Sapropelio procedūros

Medical procedures

We encourage you to effectively strengthen your body or regain lost health through a variety of treatment and health improvement programs and procedures. They use healing mineral geothermal water, healing mud sapropel, medical massages, vertical baths, pearl baths, halotherapy, and many more. These procedures are performed only by qualified professionals and doctors.

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Sertifikuota mineralinio geoterminio vandens procedūra „Mineralų jūra“

Procedure “Sea of Minerals“

“Atostogu parkas” pride – mineral geothermal water procedure “Sea of Minerals“. This water is extracted from a depth of 2,154 m. Scientists have found that mineral geothermal water used in the “Holiday Park” is saturated with minerals: K, Mg, Ca, Cl, and therefore has a positive effect on the state of the cardiovascular, nervous, bone and muscular systems. When you sweep into this extraordinary water, it reduces muscle tone, dilates the blood vessels, improves kidney activity, activates the blood flow of deep muscle structures, releases more oxygen into the tissues.

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„Atostogų parko“ unikalios Sapropelio procedūros

Sapropel procedures

The medicinal-based sapropel is extracted from Lake "Riauška", located in Šilalė district, Žemaitija. This sludge is rich in organic and mineral substances that are readily absorbed by the human body. The lipids contained in it have antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties, they stimulate skin cells. In the “Atostogu parkas” you can try unique procedures for which sapropel of 38–40 ºC temperature is used.

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„Atostogų parko“ praktiniai užsiėmimai su kineziterapeutu


This is one of the most important rehabilitation measures, based on the fact that proper body movements help to restore, improve and maintain the functional status of bones, muscles, cardiovascular system and other systems. The “Holiday Park” has counseling professional physiotherapists who help people recover from illness or surgery, people with pain in the head, neck, back or after. There are also practical classes for children with a physiotherapist - breathing, exercises that correct spinal cord and flatbed.

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Stuburo tempimo vandenyje procedūra

Vertical bath

This is a common procedure for bathing, exercising in water and stubbing in water, strengthening and relaxing muscles, improving their trophies, freeing compressed spinal discs and functional blocks of spine segments.

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„Atostogų parko“ sveikatinimo vonios

Healing baths

Healing bath procedures relax the muscles and nervous system of the body, activate the blood supply to the skin and promote skin regeneration.

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Terapijos ir mineralinės inhaliacijos Palangoje

Therapy and and mineral inhalations

The saline room (halotherapy) and mineral and bee pitch inhalations strengthen the immune system, relax the bronchi and have anti-inflammatory effects. This is a great remedy for upper respiratory tract diseases. Oxygen therapy promotes respiratory function, provides energy, ensures that the whole body and organs function better and perform their tasks. “BIOPTRON“ light therapy helps to improve microcirculation, collagen production and skin quality, and wound healing, to relieve pain.

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Parafino vonelė kojoms

Paraffin masks

Paraffin masks are recommended for back pain or joint pain, effectively relaxing the muscles, reducing their stiffness and stimulating blood flow. The paraffin bath relaxes tired hands and feet, nourishes, moisturises and improves blood circulation.

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„Atostogų parko“ sporto ir sveikatingumo studija

Sports and wellness studio

In the “Holiday Park” Sports and Wellness Studio you can choose your most pleasant training with professional trainers: health promotion exercises, training with “ GYMNIC“ ball and “THERA BAND“ bands, mother and baby exercises, children‘s exercises with a physiotherapist (breathing, flatbed, corrective spinal exercise).

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