„Atostogų parko“ baseinas Palangoje

Pools and saunas area

„Atostogų parko“ pirčių kompleksas Palangoje


To strengthen your body and your well-being 7 saunas are installed: 5 - indoor and 2 - outdoor:

  • pirmoji pasaulyje natūralaus gintaro „Saulės“ pirtis;

  • garinė „Druskų pirtis“;

  • tradicinė lietuviška pirtis „Perenė“;

  • aromatinė pirtis „Riauška“;

  • privati „Raudonoji“ infraraudonųjų spindulių pirtis su sūkurine vonia;

  • lauko pirtis „Širšių lizdas“;

  • privati lauko pirtis „Ponų pirtis“.

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Unikalios pirties programos tradicinėse lietuviškose pirtyse

Sauna programs

The unique sauna programs take place in the traditional Lithuanian baths “Perenė“: “Green flavors“, “Salty steam“, “Samogitian birching“, “Flag“, sauna programs for the naked only: “Indian summer“, “Jūratė and Kastytis“. Sauna programs are led by the sauna masters of the “Holiday Park“.

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Outdoor swimming pools

Outdoor swimming pools

For your memorable leisure and recreation, we offer 6 outdoor swimming pools: cool, sports with hydromassage cascades, mineral water and hydromassage outdoor pools. In the cold season only 2 hydromassage pools are open, one of them with geothermal mineral water.

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„Atostogų parko“ vidaus baseinai Palangoje

Indoor swimming pools

For your relaxation and health - 10 indoor swimming pools: sports, massage, training, children, Kneipp trail, certified natural, high mineralization geothermal water pool and the procedure “Sea of Minerals”.

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Vaikų plaukimo mokykla Palangoje

Children’s swimming school

We invite children to learn to swim, improve swimming skills in order to feel safe in the water. Swimming is not only a sport but also a vital skill. When learning to swim, the child is more confident and able to help others.

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Individualus žemaitiškas viso kūno vanojimas (pėrimas) pirtyje

Individual birching

For your health-enhancement, there is an individual Žemaitian birching (nap) in the sauna performed by the sauna masters of the “Holiday Park”. During the program, on the skin release healthy essential oils, the body experiences unique odor of oak, maple, ashtray, birch, and Siberian chanel, you feel relaxation.

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„Atostogų parko“ treniruotės vandenyje

Training in water

Training in water are held every day in the indoor water and sauna space, which are led by professional trainers. During the warm season, exercise takes place in the outdoor space – in the swimming pool of 25 m.

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Atostogų Parkas Palanga

Water disinfection without chlorine

Most advanced water disinfection system "DA-GEN", created and designed by Swiss scientists has been installed in the two largest swimming pools of "Atostogų parkas".

The system is based on hydrolysis process. It is particularly environmentally friendly and safe for human health. After filtering, the quality of the water equals the quality of drinking water: there is no specific smell of chemicals; the water is gentle on the skin, hair, eyes and swimwear.

More information on which pools are cleaned by the chlorine-free system "DA-GEN" you will find at information stands next to pools.

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