During the classes, children learn the correct way of breathing, swimming techniques. They can learn 4 types of swimming: free style, butterfly, spin and chest. It strengthens children‘s physical fitness, self-confidence. All students of the Children’s swimming school of the “Holiday Park“ are introduced to the rules of safe conduct in the water and its rules.

Professional swimming trainers work with children.

Pre-registration is required: +370 698 37777 or email [email protected]

Places are limited.


Everyone who wants to learn to swim and who aspires to improve swimming skills is welcome. We invite you to join the groups of beginners, basics and advanced learners. Children under 7 are welcome.

Duration – 45 min.

Price of individual training:

  • 1 time for a child – 25 Eur

Prices of group swimming training:

  • Subscription (8 times) – 50 Eur

For the person accompanying the child, the entrance to the pool zone – 15 Eur. As long as your child is at the swimming school, you can enjoy the water and sauna space.


Remember what you need to have when a child comes to the swimming pool:

  • Shorts / swimsuit.

  • Swimming cap.

  • Swimming goggles.

  • Slippers.

  • Towel.

  • Hygiene supplies.

Registration and information:

Phone +370 698 37777 or email [email protected]

Why is it worthwhile to teach a child to swim?

“Swimming is not only a fun and child-friendly entertainment, but also a health strengthening and hardening activity“, – says Virginija Valiūnienė, who teaches children of 16 years of age to swim.

“Children under 14 years of age learn to swim very quickly. The main thing is that the child would feel that water is holding him, then the fear will disappear“, – says V. Valiūnienė and continues to explain how such training is taking place. According to the trainer, children who are not swimming are primarily taught to float on the water, and then, with various exercises, movements are introduced with legs and hands. On average, after 8-10 sessions, the child can swim alone supervised by the trainer. According to the swimming trainer, those children who swim the distance of 20 m alone can be classified as advanced.

V. Valiūnienė says that swimming is especially beneficial for children: during its course, the whole organism is strengthened and tempered, during the sessions in the water, the cardiovascular system improves, the lung volume increases, the posture becomes stronger. The trainer says that those children who regularly sport in water are more resistant to colds.

According to V. Valiūnienė, it is easier for children to learn how to swim in the swimming pool, because it is possible to accurately measure the distance, the training does not depend on weather conditions.

The trainer teaches children to swim at the Recreation and Wellness Center "Holiday Park" in Palanga. Here all the swimming pools are heated, with a temperature of 28-38 ° C. Those children who cannot swim will be taught in hydromassage pools (jacuzzi) with a depth of only 0.9 m. The basics and advanced children will be trained in a sports swimming pool with a depth of 1.4-2 m.