Live music evenings in "Park Ranch"!!!

“Parko ranča” – dances, music and games! Ranches are famous for their size, style and, of course, great fun. The ranch hosts used to arrange large feasts typical for the American culture that lasted for several days and were quite memorable, and the talks about experiences during such gatherings travelled mouth to mouth.

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NEW YEAR'S event

EVENING PROGRAMS even in three "Atostogų parkas" restaurants!

Pasirinkite trumpas atostogas tarp didžiųjų metų švenčių, o kokybiškai pailsėję  atšvęskite Naujuosius.
An offer for you:
* 3 bed and breakfasts; * Unlimited visits to the Water and sauna area; *New Year's program (live music, evening host, attractions and quizzes, gifts and festive dinner (in one of 2 restaurants or in the Ballroom). Fireworks and New Year's bonfire outside.

Choose and book, NEW YEAR'S CELEBRATION with us!