Water and sauna area FOR CHILDREN

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Children under 4 years of age can visit the Water and sauna area free of charge.
Descent hill for children from 5 to 15 years old - 4 €/child

Children between the ages of 5 and 15 are admitted to "Mineralų jūra", but only with an adult accompanying them. Children under the age of 4 are not allowed in the "Mineral Sea".

Internetiniai bilietai nesuteikia pirmenybės patekti į Vandens ir pirčių erdvę. Daugiau informacijos rasite – VANDENS IR PIRČIŲ ERDVĖS KAINOS

Bendra tvarka nepilnamečiai vaikai iki 7 metų į Vandens zoną yra įleidžiami tik su specialiomis plaukimo rankovėmis, plaukimo liemenėmis arba specialiais neskęstančiais maudymosi kostiumais.

Vasaros sezono metu galioja savaitgalio kainos.

Fun moments with your family are the best memories for you and your children. They help keep family ties strong, family relations become even warmer. An enlightened day, active rest and time spent together in the water and sauna space will improve your and your child's well-being, increase resistance to diseases, strengthen immunity, relax you after a stressful day and enrich your free time with a bouquet of good emotions.

With this subscription, we invite you and your children to visit 16 swimming pools and 5 saunas on weekdays and weekends. "Holiday Park" - for the rest and health of your family!

More information: tel. 869837777 or email [email protected]