Water and sauna space for seniors (65+)

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Pakvietimas galioja savaitgalį ir švenčių dienomis.

Internetiniai bilietai nesuteikia pirmenybės patekti į Vandens ir pirčių erdvę. Daugiau informacijos rasite – VANDENS IR PIRČIŲ ERDVĖS KAINOS

Šventinėmis dienomis ir vaikų atostogų metu galioja savaitgalio kainos. Vasaros sezono metu galioja savaitgalio kainos.

Su šiuo pakvietimu atvykus registratūroje reikės pateikti senjoro pažymėjimą.

We offer 16 pools for your relaxation and health improvement and 5 saunas with unique sauna programs led by professional sauna masters to strengthen your body.

Enjoy with the pleasures of even 16 mineral water pools: 
6 outdoor pools: cooling, sports with hydromassage cascades, mineral water, hydromassage outdoor pools. In the cold season, 2 heated hydromassage pools operate outside, one of them with mineral water and 1 cold pool for refreshing after the sauna.
10 indoor pools: sports, massage, training, children's, Kneipp path, certified mineral geothermal water pool and the "Mineral Sea" procedure (the latter can be ordered additionally).

For your relaxation and health improvement, and 5 saunas with unique sauna programs led by professional sauna masters to strengthen your body:

  • the first in the world natural amber "Sun" sauna;
  • the first sauna in Lithuania "Nefritas";
  • steam "Salt sauna";
  • traditional Lithuanian sauna “Perenė“;
  • aromatic sauna "Riauška";
  • Outdoor sauna "Wasps‘ nest";
  • outdoor sauna "Gentlemen and Ladies sauna";
  • Red sauna (pre-registration is required).

Try the sauna program in the Lithuanian sauna "Perenė", which is led by experienced sauna masters:
Sauna programs in “Perene“: 
11:00 – Sauna breakfast (every day except Monday) (20 people);
12:00 – Green aromas (on Mondays, the program starts at 12:15 p.m.) (25 people);
13:00 – Salty steam (25 people);
14:00 – Get out of the country (20 people);
15:00 – Flag (15 people);
16:00 – Green aromas (25 people);
17:00 – Salty steam (25 people);
18:00 – Get out of the country (20 people);
19:00 – Flag (15 people);
20:00 – Green aromas (25 people);
9:00 p.m. –
I-III  Salty steam (25 people);
IV: Summer of beans (nude only);
V-VII: Jūratė ir Kastytis (nude only);

Sauna programs led by Professional sauna masters are free of charge - they are included in the cost of visiting water and sauna space. The programs of “Perene“ can change when “Atostogu parkas” is visited by Lithuanian and foreign sauna masters who lead the author’s programs.

More information: tel. 869837777 or email [email protected]