"Sea of Minerals" procedure

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The pride of "Holiday Park" is healing sapropel mud and healing certified mineral geothermal water. These natural benefits are already widely used in the world, but in Lithuania they are still making their way. The therapeutic certified mineral geothermal water used in the "Holiday Park" is saturated with minerals - K, Mg, Ca, Cl.

Therapeutic certified natural, high mineralization (80 g/l dissolved mineral salts) mineral geothermal water pool - the Lithuanian Dead Sea! It is a unique mineral-saturated water with healing properties, which:

  • positively affects the condition of cardiovascular, neural, bone, and muscle systems;
  • reduces fatigue, tension, and apathy;
  • improves the quality of sleep;
  • improves the quality appetite;
  • reduces muscle tone, dilates blood vessels;
  • improves function of kidneys;
  • improves blood flow in the deep muscle structures;
  • facilitates oxygen penetration into tissues.


  • at least 10 procedures are recommended in order to achieve the best effect of the mineral geothermal water;
  • the cycle of mineral geothermal water procedures should be repeated every six months.
  • when choosing this procedure, it is recommended to consult the health improvement specialist of the "Vacation park".

Procedure duration: 20 min. 

More information about the procedure by phone: +370 607 85888 or e-mail: [email protected]

More about the treatment procedure "Mineral Sea"

Before offering the therapeutic certified mineral geothermal pool to visitors, a thorough investigation was carried out. It involved more than a hundred individuals from various groups, about half of whom had some disease, mostly musculoskeletal, digestive, endocrine, and skin diseases.

After 10-15 therapeutic treatments of certified mineral geothermal water and/or sapropel, the subjects were happy that it improved their work capacity and quality of life. For a large part of the study participants, who had skin problems - dryness, itching, allergies, redness, acne - the condition improved significantly after the procedures. Many noticed that their skin became more moist, more elastic. Five women out of twelve had a reduction in skin cellulite. A decrease in body mass index and body fat was also observed

It was determined that therapeutic certified mineral geothermal water also has a positive effect on the condition of the cardiovascular, nervous, bone-muscular systems. After immersion in this extraordinary water, muscle tone decreases, blood vessels dilate, kidney function improves, blood circulation in the deep muscle structures is activated, and more oxygen enters the tissues.

The study participants also experienced a decrease in fatigue, tension, improved sleep quality, and improved appetite. It is believed that mineral geothermal water can be used in the treatment of various other diseases, but this requires additional research.