Live music evenings

Immerse yourself in a space filled with the sounds of music, flavors and aromas of dishes in the Park Kitchen restaurant. Every Thursday-Sunday from 8 p.m. the restaurant will feature live music performed by different artists.

Enjoy food, drinks and cozy company in a space filled with velvety sounds.

You can book a table or ask for a menu assortment by phone +370 611 56510.

"Parko virtuvėlė"

The food served in our kitchen is made with love and exceptional care. The taste of the dishes will take you back to your childhood and remind you of home-cooked food, and the taste will create indelible memories.

The recipes of the dishes are transmitted from generation to generation, with particular attention being paid to products freshness and flavor. Every dish is made by our hands; therefore even usual lunch becomes an incredible journey through the world of flavors.

In the „Parko virtuvėlė“ you will not only enjoy delicious food, but also feel an authentic approach to food. Here, great attention is paid not only to the taste of food, but also to the process. We want food to become like a ritual for you, let communication and warm conversations reign at the common table.

„Parko virtuvėlėje” – eat as much as you want!

Eat deliciously and satiatingly in "Park kitchen" for a fixed price. Choose the dishes you want and as much as you want, because breakfast, lunch and dinner are served buffet-style in Park Kitchen. 

Breakfast time from 8 to 11 val., lunch time from 12 to 17 val. (on weekends from 12 to 15 val.), dinner time from 18 to 19 val.


You can reserve tables or consult about the menu selection by calling +370 611 56510.

The business is carried under the Order of the Klaipėda Department of the State Food and Veterinary Service regarding the food business operator registration No 37MTSPĮ-63 as of 5 February 2020.

Working hours: I-VII nuo 8:00 val. iki 00:00 val.