"Padel's Cafe"

"Atostogu parkas" can now offer a new, completely bright and cozy space for small celebrations, trainings or seminars, located near the padel and tennis courts. In this lounge-type space, you can socialize comfortably on beanbags, cook pizza, steaks or other food in the oven located in the bar. From this space you can comfortably access the upper terrace and admire the wonderful scenery. It's the perfect private space for casual gatherings with stunning views of the adjacent pond, both through the floor-to-ceiling windows and out onto the outdoor terrace.

Up to 50 people can be inside the "Padel cafe" at the same time, but next to this space there is a large area outside.

Active entertainment is nearby - tennis and padel courts, a pond, 100 m to the entertainment and recreation complex - "Atostogu parkas".

More information: [email protected] or +370 620 88030.