Individual Žemaitian birching in the sauna performed by the sauna masters of the “Atostogu parkas”.

The body will experience unique odors of oak, maple, ash-tree, birch, Siberian chipmunks, which distinguish essential oils, healthy for the body and relaxing body.

Individualaus vanojimo trukmė – 35 min., kaina – 120 € asmeniui.

In order to enhance the positive effect, it is recommended to supplement birching with other bath procedures:

  • “Salt Therapy“ (body peeling), after which you will enjoy your soft skin (12 €);

  • Honey mask, body peeling with soda and lemon, and sound therapy. After this procedure, you will enjoy not only soft skin, but also maximum relaxation (12 €);

  • Washing with “Sea Foam” – it is body peeling, after which the skin will be velvety (15 €).

Duration of extra procedures from 15 to 30 min.

Pre-registration is required by phone: +37069837777