For your memorable leisure and recreation, we offer 6 outdoor swimming pools: cool, sports with hydromassage cascades, mineral water and hydromassage outdoor pools. In the cold season only 2 hydromassage pools are open, one of them with geothermal mineral water.

Hydromassage pool (jacuzzi)

The hydromassage outdoor pool offers relaxing massage effects. It has water and air massage for the back.

Temperature – 36–38 ºC

Depth - 0.9 m

Features: felaxing massage effect.

Swimming pool with hydromassage cascades

In the 25 m swimming pool you can enjoy hydromassage cascade massage, which relaxes the shoulder, lumbar, neck muscles and blood vessels.

Temperature – 26–29 ºC

Depth – 1.1–1.4 m

Cooling swimming pool

Temperature – 12 ºC

Depth – 1.1–1.4 m

Features: for relaxation after a hot sauna.

Mineral water swimming pool

Temperature – 30–34 ºC

Depth – 1.4 m

Features: in water, there are 10 chemical elements (minerals): bromine, chlorine, bicarbonate, manganese, sodium, potassium, lithium, calcium, magnesium, sulfates. Mineral water has a positive effect on the condition of the cardiovascular, nervous, bone and muscular systems. When you are in this extraordinary water, it reduces muscle tone, dilates blood vessels, improves kidney function, activates blood flow to deep muscle structures, releases more oxygen into tissues.