"Atostogu parkas" is installing the world's most advanced water disinfection system

One of the world's most advanced pool water disinfection systems, DA-GEN, based on the hydrolysis method, is being installed in "Atostogu parkas". This system is extremely ecological and safe for humans

In order to install one of the world's most advanced water treatment systems, "Atostogu parkas" concluded a contract with representatives of one of the most advanced Swiss water technology and research companies, Dryden Aqua LTD, in Lithuania UAB Optika ir technologia.

The technology is used in dolphinariums and marine aquariums

According to Nerijus Buganauskas, the manager of the Klaipėda region of this company, an innovative device developed by Swiss scientists is being installed in the "Holiday Park" to ensure proper chemical composition and disinfection of the water: "This technology was primarily used for water disinfection in sea aquariums and dolphinariums, as dolphins are very sensitive to improper water composition. After noticing that this technology perfectly disinfects the water in dolphin pools, it was started to be used in swimming pools as well," says the head of UAB "Optika ir technologia" Klaipėda region.

In order to ensure even greater comfort for visitors, the recreation and wellness complex "Atostogu parkas" directs its investments to ways that improve the quality of the services provided. According to N. Buganauskas, bathing in the filtered water of the DA-GEN system feels light, the water is saturated with oxygen, there is no unpleasant tingling in more sensitive parts of the body - it is completely safe water for children, characterized by a particularly high quality.

Water is disinfected by splitting the H2O molecule

According to N. Buganauskas, water disinfection is carried out by splitting the water molecules of the pool itself. As the pool water flows through the hydrolysis unit, the molecules break down into free radicals. In this way, water disinfecting chlorine is extracted from the water molecules of the pool itself, it is no longer necessary to add it to the water. The free radicals bind the broken water particles to the impurities in the pool water and remove them immediately thanks to the filters. Removes phosphates, algae and bacteria. The smell of chlorine is significantly reduced, the water becomes light, saturated with oxygen and pure. During the molecular decomposition reaction, no harmful chlorine compounds are formed, which could be harmful to health.

With this technology, swimming in pool water is equivalent to swimming in a natural body of water. This system will be applied for the first time in a commercial facility in Lithuania.

The DA-GEN pool water disinfection system was developed by the Swiss company Dryden Aqua Distribution AG with the help of the latest and most innovative nanotechnology. This system is recognized by the international accreditation organization "QA International", the international food industry standards organization "HACCP Management", and it is also certified according to the strictest industrial and environmental safety standards of the International Water Industry Association WQA.