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Sports club

Ypatingas žiemos pasiūlymas!

Naujieji Metai – puiki proga papildyti savo gyvenimo būdą sveiku įpročiu! Atraskite sporto malonumą jau dabar ir pavasarį pasitikite sustiprėję bei kupini energijos.

Visą žiemą, perkant metinį neribotą abonementą, mėnesio kaina – vos 18,3 Eur!

The price of an annual limited subscription for a month is 15 Eur!

PASKUBĖKITE! Akcija galioja iki vasario 28 dienos!

Working hours:
I–V 9.00–21.00 val.
VI 10.00–18.00 val.
VII 9.00–18.00 val.

The sports club of the “Holiday Park” has professional trainers who train and advise, make up an individual training program based on physical data and needs, individual nutrition plans, perform body composition analysis. In the forest surrounding, in the cozy gym there is a large selection of fitness equipment: running tracks, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, a wide selection of weights and other sports training equipment.

Įsigyti abonementus

  • Sporting mothers may leave the child for free at the Children’s Educational Studio. 

  • When purchasing a water and sauna space subscription, an additional 50% discount is applied to sports club subscriptions.

  • Visiting the sports club for guests from Sunday to Thursday is free.

  • The sports club is open for people over 16 years of age.

  • Subscriptions are valid for 1 month from the date of purchase.

  • Abonementus galite įsigyti Vandens ir pirčių erdvės registratūroje arba internetinėje parduotuvėje.

More information:

Tel. + 370 600 85222 or e-mail info@atostoguparkas.lt

Pasiūlymas galioja paslaugą įsigijus „Atostogų parke“.

  • Before ordering an individual training with a trainer, it is necessary to purchase a visit to the sports club or its subscription.

Price, Eur
Body composition analysis 10
Creation of a training program 20
Body composition analysis with creation of an individual training program 25
Individual training with a trainer 15
Creation of a nutrition program 30
Body composition analysis + creation of a training program + creation of a nutrition program 50

      Upon arrival to the “Holiday Park”, you will find the sports club on the left side.

      Entrance from the outside. 

      We are pleased to welcome you!